About The Mission

The Transformational Discipleship Story …
Dr. John Perkins had posed a question: How do we (Christian leaders serving poor communities) build incentive in our youth? This became, for Ted Travis and the ministry he founded (Neighborhood Ministries), a defining quest.
Over time certain realities began to surface.
(1) God made mankind in His image; an image marred by sin yet still present.
(2) God has so designed human development that, during the adolescent phase of life, youth seek answers regarding identity. “Who am I?” they ask. “What is my purpose?”


Mission as the identity and purpose of the church.
Urban youth as a focus of neighbor-love and discipleship.
The image of God as key to personal motivation and societal contribution.
Leadership as the activity in which discipleship, identity discovery and life purpose come alive in the adolescent experience.
What is the task of youth ministry?
To create an environment in which youth can discover who they are in Christ.
In 2015 Neighborhood Ministries published Building Cathedrals: Urban Youth Discipleship That Works. Ted named the ministry approach Transformational Discipleship.
Today leaders around the world are learning about Transformational Discipleship. The mission of the Center for Transformational Discipleship is to equip leaders to transform at-risk youth into the emerging leaders they were created to be.

Learn More About Ted's Book

In Building Cathedrals, Ted Travis shares his blueprint for Transformational Discipleship (as well as accounts of its profound impact on young people) and exhorts today’s youth workers to reimagine their ministries and raise up a new generation of visionary urban leaders.