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Know the what, why, and how to effective ministry

All seminars, trainings, consulting, and mentoring are designed and shaped around transformational leadership specific to your context. For leaders, especially those serving youth in hard places, knowing the what, why and how is key to effective ministry.

Seminars Offered

Training seminars are designed to strengthen transformational leadership among leaders and leadership teams.

RESHAPING URBAN DISCIPLESHIP– Most urban youth leaders are trained to lead, not develop leaders. An overview of the Transformational Discipleship process. 

BECOMING A TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADER– Many leaders, while affirming the importance of transformation, embrace a transactional leadership approach. Explores the concept of transformation leadership and provides practical steps in becoming a transformational leader.

CREATING A DISCIPLESHIP CULTURE– Discipleship is more than Bible training or a catechism class. It involves “walking with Jesus” in the context of life. This workshop provides training on how to create discipleship-rich ministry environments.

STRATEGIC PLANNING– What does it mean to think presidentially about your ministry/organization? What will it take to lead ministry into the future? This workshop provides an overview of what strategic planning looks like in an urban ministry context.

SERVANT LEADERSHIP– What does it mean to lead as a servant? Often those who endorse servant leadership exercise a very different approach with their staff or subordinates (just ask your staff or subordinates!). This workshop explores the meaning of servant leadership and what it looks like in an organizational context.

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Our seminars have proved to be a powerful way to bring youth leaders together, and get everyone on the same page and creating massive change in their communities

Now may the God of peace … equip you with everything good for doing his will … Hebrews 13:20f

Consulting Services

Drawing from 40-plus years of ministry experience, Dr. Travis has helped youth leaders, pastors, entrepreneurs and presidents of Christian organizations solve problems and grow leadership capacity. 

Strategic Mentoring Services

Strategic Mentoring is a long-term (nine month) relationship in which Dr. Travis walks alongside the youth leader as a mentor and leader’s coach.

Program-wise, he guides the youth leader in infusing Transformational Discipleship into their youth ministry. As a mentor/coach, his goal is to help the leader, as a conduit through which God will transform the lives of youth in their program, win.

The youth leader must be able to invest 10 hours per month in the Strategic Mentoring process, and be open to growing in qualities essential for transformational leadership:


Servant’s heart.

Discipled by Jesus.

Love for youth.


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