Building Cathedrals is reshaping urban youth discipleship

In Building Cathedrals, Ted Travis shares his blueprint for Transformational Discipleship (as well as accounts of its profound impact on young people) and exhorts today’s youth workers to reimagine their ministries and raise up a new generation of visionary urban leaders.

What Youth Leaders are saying:

“Anyone start this? (sent picture of book with text message) I got third degree burns from holding this book it’s so flame!”

“The chapter on Transformation is so insightful it should be mandatory reading for anyone called to serve young people.”

“What Dr. Travis unfolds in Building Cathedrals is making me a much more effective kingdom leader among urban youth.”

“Your book brings out how important it is for youth to own their faith!”

What Others Are Saying

If you are looking for a tool to help you rethink your philosophy of ministry with youth and how that plays out in practical ways, I highly recommend Building Cathedrals by Ted Travis. Dr. Eileen Koorman, Director, DeVos Urban Leadership Initiative

Readers will learn a great deal from Ted Travis’s rich urban ministry experience. His insights about adolescents, community engagement and ministry are a vast ocean of information that challenges us to reexamine our theological and ministerial assumptions about urban youth work. And his gift of storytelling—from programmatic frustrations to personal sharing to leadership strategies—paints a beautiful and very human portrait providing the backdrop from which much of his sage advice flows.  Dr. Fernando Ortega, professor, Nyack College

It is rare to find a relevant guide for developing young leaders that is rooted in the urban context and that is both biblical and practical … Thanks, Ted, for sharing your wisdom with a new generation of youth workers!  Dr. Noel Castellanos, President, Camino Alliance