Transformational Discipleship Online

An online/interactive class experience

The mission of the Center for Transformational Discipleship is to equip leaders to transform at-risk youth into the emerging leaders they were created to be.

Transformational Discipleship Online is a series of courses designed to help leaders infuse Transformational Discipleship into their youth ministry.

Each course consists of five classes. In each class, students will engage in:

  • Reading excerpts from Building Cathedrals: Urban Youth Discipleship That Works and other relevant materials.
  • Instructional videos taught by Dr. Travis.
  • Discussion forums on key topics with other students.
  • Life Notebook journaling on how studies impact personal ministry and life.

Additionally, students will engage in a live group discussion forum with the class facilitator (Dr. Travis).

Transformational Discipleship Online

Course 1:The Transformational Youth Ministry AVAILABLE NOW!

January 27, 2020- February 28, 2020
March 16, 2020- April 17, 2020
April 20, 2020- May 22, 2020

This course introduces students to the transformational approach to youth development. Students will learn how identity-discovery and leadership animation can lead at-risk youth into awareness of their uniqueness and capacity to serve.

Course 2: Leadership that Transforms

Leaders who exercise authority over others is common. Leaders who transform lives are rare. This course explores foundational principles and key practices involved in being/becoming a transformational leader.

Course 3: Building Cathedrals

How do we do it? This course converts ideas into practice, principles into actions that lead to changed lives. Students will learn the process of infusing Transformational Discipleship into their ministry context.

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We are confident that young lives will change as a result of our book as well as our online courses.

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