Helping You Win

Dr. Travis is a 40-year veteran of youth ministry, and has pioneered a transformational approach to urban youth development. Starting with youth not yet immersed in the gang/street culture, he has established a process of discipleship–through–leadership. Youth grow in their understanding of God and themselves through the real-life leadership experience of directing a children's program.

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This has a profound impact, both on youth leaders and those being led. Potential and hope ignite when children see, modeled in youth from their neighborhood, possibilities for their own lives

In 2010 he received his Doctor of Ministry degree from Bakke Graduate University. His dissertation was titled: Urban Youth Leadership Development: Animating Leadership Capacity Among Youth Native to Higher Risk Communities

                                                  Dr. Ted Travis

                                                  Dr. Ted Travis

I am the teacher of athletes. He that by me spreads a wider breast than my own proves the width of my own. Walt Whitman

Today Dr. Travis, through the Center for Transformational Discipleship, offers his insight and knowledge in transformational  youth ministry to urban  youth workers.  The blueprint for creating ministries that transform young lives is clearly described in his book: Building Cathedrals: Urban Youth Discipleship That Works.

Through the avenues of speaking, writing, consulting, training and mentoring, Dr. Travis empowers today's youth leaders to make the profound difference in the lives of urban youth they were meant to make. 

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