Leadership that transforms


The urban world seems to be on a downward spiral. In the wake of recent youth versus authorities confrontations, tensions have reached a fever pitch.

There is plenty of blame to go around. A few bad apples can taint the image of an entire group, be it law enforcement or city youth. Aspersion casting aside, one glaring truth remains:

Urban youth are in trouble.


Jesus commissioned His followers to make a thrust among the nations that would have as its focus the transformation of people’s lives (see Matthew 28:19). Such a thrust is desperately needed among youth in our urban centers today.

It begins with a right perspective. Urban youth are not thugs-in-the-making. They are cathedrals-at-risk. The harshness of the urban landscape does not diminish the mandate to join in the cathedral-building business.

It is time to teach leaders how to put the transformation of young lives at the center of their ministry activity. There is a way forward. It is called

Transformational Discipleship.