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The Center for Transformational Discipleship is a resource for youth leaders and pastors who desire to build, strengthen and sustain an ongoing, transformational youth development presence in their ministry and community.



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Dr. Travis is a teacher, expositor and public speaker. He has inspired many in small groups, congregations, retreats and conferences to grow as transformed and transformational followers of Jesus Christ. 

Ted is also a trained vocalist who utilizes his classically-trained voice to lift hearts and minds to worship the Creator-God who loves the poor. 

To set up a speaking engagement, contact Dr. Travis through the Contact page.



Building Cathedrals: Dr. Travis’ groundbreaking book on urban youth development is a must-read for all leaders who desire greater effectiveness and transformational discipleship among youth growing up in higher-risk communities. Available in paperback and on Kindle at

Blogs/Mission Updates: Dr. Travis publishes regular blogs and updates on ministries engaged in Transformational Discipleship. Request to receive his Update letters on the Contact page.





Drawing from 40-plus years of ministry experience, Dr. Travis has helped youth leaders, pastors, entrepreneurs and presidents of Christian organizations solve problems and grow leadership capacity. He is available for half and full-day consultations. For leaders who desire to increase their ministry effectiveness.






The Center offers one and two-day training seminars designed to strengthen transformational leadership among leaders and leadership teams. Seminars include: Reshaping Urban Discipleship (an introduction to Transformational Discipleship), Becoming a Transformational Leader, Creating a Discipleship-Rich Culture, Strategic Planning, and Servant Leadership.