The Masters Track

"There they talk about leadership. Here we do it." Emerging (High School) Leader



a one year mentor/training experience for leaders who want to infuse Transformational Discipleship into their youth ministry.


Through the Masters Track mentor/training program, leaders establish a discipleship-rich environment for youth growing up in their program. The Masters Track prepares leaders to:

  • Animate (bring to life) adolescent leadership capacity.

  • Ignite youth’s internal motivations to fulfil their God-given potential and purpose.

  • Place the transforming of young minds and growing-through-leading at the center of their urban ministry activity.



A powerful Learning Experience

Designed for You. Every ministry context is different; each has its own set of challenges and needs. The Masters Track is designed with you and your ministry in mind. No matter your starting point - large or small, single or multi-staffed, church or para-church -  Masters Track designs a course of development tailored to meet your ministry needs. 

Live Coaching. Masters Track provides, over the course of a ministry year, a professional and experienced coach who walks with you through the ministry-building process and whose only purpose is to help you win.

Blended Online/Onsite Delivery.

  • Online Group: Each leader joins a cohort of local ministry leaders that meet for regular training/coaching sessions. This virtual classroom learning provides opportunities for peer interaction and group support.
  • Online Leader: Each leader meets with Dr. Travis for one-on-one leadership mentoring and support.
  • Onsite Observation: Dr. Travis observes leaders in action, offering team encouragement and support.
  • Onsite Cohort Training: Dr. Travis leads site trainings for local ministry leaders.



  1. Participants must be responsible for leading a youth ministry that serves youth in an under-resourced community (the residential poor).
  2. Able to commit 3 hours per week to training and mentoring.
  3. Long-term commitment to youth development.
  4. Commitment to grow in leadership qualities essential for transformational leadership:
  • Humility.
  • Servant’s heart.
  • Personal discipleship.
  • Love for youth.

     5.   Willingness to infuse four core activities into their youth program:

  • A high school-aged weekly club gathering during the school year, from which the leader selects:
  • A high school-aged Emerging Leaders team, who will be responsible for leading:
  • A weekly children’s club (third through fifth graders), the participants of which become the core kids for:
  • A three-to-five week children’s summer day camp that the Emerging Leaders will design and lead.