A consult/training journey that will transform your life and the lives of the youth you love

"There they talk about leadership. Here we do it." Emerging (High School) Leader



coming alongside:

a mentor/training experience for youth leaders who want to create a ministry rich in discipleship and growth.


The Masters Track provides personalized guidance for leaders seeking to build a transformational discipleship ministry. The Masters Track experience empowers leaders and leadership teams to:

  • Animate (bring to life) adolescent leadership capacity.

  • Ignite youth’s internal motivations to fulfil their God-given potential and purpose.

  • Place the transforming of young minds and growing-through-leading at the center of ministry activity.



Why Masters Track?

because Most youth leaders are trained to lead …

we show you how to develop leaders.

because Most youth leaders are predisposed to engage youth transactionally …

we show you how to engage youth transformationally. 

because Most youth leaders focus on telling youth about Jesus …

we show you how to bring Jesus to the point of youth’s felt needs

because Most youth leaders focus on running a youth program …

we show you how to create an environment in which youth can discover who they are in Christ. 



Entry Requirements:

  1. You must be responsible for leading a youth ministry that serves youth in an under-resourced community (the residential poor).

  2. You must be able to set aside an average of 5 to 7 hours each month for interaction and training.

  3. You must be willing to make a 10 month (or ministry year) commitment to the Masters Track process.

  4. You must be open to growing in qualities essential for transformational leadership:

  • Humility.

  • Servant’s heart.

  • Discipled by Jesus.

  • Love for youth.



This will cost you something. You must have “skin in the game.”

But there are people in the body of Christ who, if they knew you were serious about making a transformative difference among at-risk youth in your community, would gladly invest in your success.

Are you that person? are you ready to be this kind of difference-maker?

Then use the Contact page to shoot me (ted) an email. You will be asked to fill out an application and set a time for an interview.

Together, we can make it happen.

Take the first step into a journey that will transform your life, mission, and lives of the youth you serve.