Transformational Discipleship:

An approach to urban youth development centered on maximizing the adolescent leadership experience in ways that mold them for future service and motivate the next generation of leaders (children) they influence.


changed lives


Emerging (Youth) Leaders ... 

"I'm now starting to see the leader that everyone else has seen in me." 

 "Two years ago, I could have never envisioned me being a leader. But look at me now …" 

"This is almost better that food! (Almost!)"

"I wondered how well I would do with elementary kids. I'm actually having fun!"

"Last year, while working this same camp as a junior leader, I was not leading … there were so many problems ... This year’s camp is different: kids are learning and having fun …" 

"I would never see myself doing this - the old me to the new me; I’ve changed so much, I was talking to my grandmother about this…She said, 'You’re going to make a big impact…you talk to me about it every day. You’re happy about it, trying to change people’s lives …'" 

"This is a really good experience. This has allowed me to find who I am, learn more about myself through the process… and since we’ve been running the camp the right way…it’s a good experience. Other people should get this; if I had the chance to do this again, I would."


... and you (the leader)!

"This has been a journey for me to be able to develop and lead, under the mentorship of Ted, but also to learn how to uniquely serve each and every one of you, from (my staff) to each and every one of you (Emerging Leaders), with your unique set of needs, and learning how to cultivate a relationship with each and every one of you that is different… to be able to remove barriers, encourage, speak truth to life where it needed to be, but then also receive it back ...

I will forever be changed by each and every one of you …"